It began in the beginning. Siblings Narelle, Emma and Ben Clay raised Robio. From his humble beginnings he garnered a number of fans with stores in Melbourne City, Fitzroy and online.

Robio was the sultan of cool… stuff. From niche pop inspired gifts, to collectables and clothing. Girls loved him

and men wanted to buy from him. But hearts were broken when it was revealed Robio was to be layed to rest.

Cue two of Robios crazy fans – Deb & Byron.

A pair of star crossed loonies take their life… and commit to taking over Robio. With a little nip/tuck Robio is back.

This time, we’ve been on an exhasutrive around the world…wide web trip and found some of the coolest and unique items. A list that includes a selection of local and international tees, toys, art and lifestyle.

Robio is a massive narcissist so he loves nothing more than to hear how much joy he brings you, so drop him a line on Facebook or Twitter.


For more information email:


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