It’s starting to rain at Robio headquarters and that’s got us thinking about (and needing!) umbrellas to help us keep dry and looking awesome in the rain.

We’ve been searching the globe to bring you the coolest umbrellas around for the rainy season and during our travels we came upon some amazing and unusual designs.

Here’s 6 umbrellas we found in a travels…

The Samurai Umbrella

We love this umbrella and they now come in sword and sable designs. Their understated cool factor combined with their durability makes them one of our top picks.
Available at Robio here.

The Cloud Umbrella

We’re not entirely sure how practical this umbrella is but darn is it CUTE!

The handle is basically a bike pump to blow up the cloud section when it starts raining.

The Duo Umbrella

Ok, another disgustingly cute umbrella to follow the cloud. There’s been so many times I’ve been with my love and thought “darn I wish I had a duo umbrella right now” although once again, we’re not entirely sure how this would work in practice…i go this way – you go that – splat! Umbrella rips in half and water comes rushing in.

Senz Umbrella

We LOVE this umbrella, it’s for people on the move! And it’s so dam sexy. Maybe you disagree but we think this scrumptiously Netherlands design is beautiful. Also, it was created by an industrial designer after he was so frustrated when 3 of his umbrellas broke in one week that he set out to design the ultimate umbrella and has now made it his life – so we figure it must be pretty good.


It sure is! Check this thing out! It’s got ventilation and all. I guess it would get quite steamy in this umbrella super dome.

Umbuster Umbrella

POW POW! In the same vain as the samurai umbrella range this bad boy could get you into some trouble (although if you’ve seen the ‘gun umbrella’ this is soft in comparison!)

If you’ve got an umbrella you think we should stock or are a designer who needs help launching their RAD umbrella, drop us a line:

What do you think??

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